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Several new details have been revealed today in regards to the upcoming multiplatform title, “Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.” The latest information comes from the first gameplay trailer, which was leaked, for the action role-playing game. A fan from the NeoGAF forum managed to provide a summary of the combat system from the footage.

The top rectangle on the right represents the new "paradigms" or whatever they will be called. Here Lightning is on the Divinity one. I noticed there is also a Cerberus one, with different attacks/magics/abilities, which further proves my point.

So, you can see that while she is attacking the attack rectangle is popping up, well, thats because the player is pressing the respective button on the controller (duh!). Yeah, so, looks like its basically:
  • Triangle = Basic Magic
  • Circle = Physical Attack
  • X = Advanced Magic
  • Square = Guard

Now how many attacks can she do? The superior bar on the sword thing there reduces while she attacks so thats what will restrict the times you attack. Its likely to cool down after that. Its probably when you will have to doge the attacks or guard. The other bar is obviously her health.

I also noticed some little squares under the monster HP bar, I'm supposing that is going to be something similar to the stagger bar somehow. Maybe when its empty you will deal more damage, or be able to launch the enemy.

The only thing we don't know about is that circular thing with 10000 points...



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