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Remember during the PS4 unveil, when Square Enix re-showed that Agni's Philosophy Tech Demo trailer from seemingly ages ago and then ended their presentation by simply saying "that's all folks; we'll have more at E3!"?

Along with waa-waa sound that reverberated in your skull immediately afterwards, as it did for everyone else? Definitely one of the highlight's of Sony's presser, for certain. Anyhow, Square Enix has a lot of wow-ing to do in the next couple of weeks, since the big show is just around the corner.

So, will one have to be there in person to bask in the glory of Square Enix's triumphant comeback, who will sure rise from the ashes of one bad Final Fantasy 13 spin off after another, to finally regain the glory that was lost before that crapola Final Fantasy movie caused the entire company to veer off course, practically off a bridge?

Apparently not, because according to the video above, they'll be live streaming everything. Including game reveals, game demos, interviews with developers, and stuff "just for the fans", whatever that means.

Will Square Enix impress the socks out of everyone at long last, or will they be a massive disappointment, as has been the case for way too long now? At the very least, you won't have to deal with a noisy and crowed (and sometimes smelly) convention floor to find out.

So, any bets to what they’ll be showing? Will it be Final Fantasy 15? Kingdom Hearts 3? Dragon Quest 11? All for the Xbonx One/PS4/Wii U/Steam Box? Or just Final Fantasy Birds of iOS?

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