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Name:Serah Farron Fans
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Community description:A community dedicated to Serah Farron of 'Final Fantasy XIII'

Make My Wish Come True
It a general assumption that if your female character is the “damsel-in-distress”, then there’s a pretty high chance the creature known as fandom was either dislike her on that basis or simply find her boring because she isn’t touting a weapon and shooting the ever-loving-shit out of destructible objects or enemies or speaking like Clint Eastwood in training. Damsels or women in need of rescuing, whether or not they can defend themselves, are no one’s favorite character these days as the theme is one that’s been perpetuated as long as the belief that women weren’t equal enough to do many of the things a man could do, has been around. In case of Final Fantasy XIII, Serah Farron, the little sister of Claire “Lightning” Farron, is this installment’s “Kairi” from Kingdom Hearts (a character who catches a lot of unjustifiable hate because she‘s absent and without a heart for most of the game, among other things). In an unfortunate turn of events, Serah was negated to a NPC due to “development issues” and thus Serah is presented in XIII as a character primarily through helter-skelter flashbacks and the primary reason all six of the playable characters end up in the exact same place and shooting for the same goal in the long run.

As explained in the online novel, Episode Zero, Serah was branded by a Pulse Fal’Cie (Anima) sleeping within the “ancient ruins” (a Vestige from Gran Pulse) on/near the beach of Bodhum (her hometown) after her curiosity and love of all things historic got the better of her. For an unknown period of time (presumably thirteen days), she hides the fact that she’s become a [Pulse] l’Cie from her sister, attempts and fails to break up with Snow when she reveals the truth of her nature to him, as he chooses to remain by her side. When she’s inadvertently captured by the Pulse Fal’Cie that branded her during an attempt to escape PISCOM with Snow, she is later saved a moment too late by her sister and fiancé within the Vestige and falls into Crystal Stasis (the prize for completing her “Focus“).

Her misfortune motivates Snow and her sister to save Cocoon and Serah herself (particularly after learning she would wake from her “slumber”). Serah, like Kairi for Kingdom Hearts, is the driving force behind XIII’s storyline; she is literally the reason there's a storyline at all. However, despite this, the character is labeled as “lacking a personality” or “weak” because of her unfortunate circumstances within the plot's structure. Like Aerith, Rinoa, Yuna and Kairi before her, she has her fair share of supporters and even more vocal share of those who are quick to dismiss the character as nothing because she isn’t a): a playable character (or vice versa) or b): her sister, Lightning, who’s in need of a serious reality check throughout most of the game. Her relationship with Snow Villiers is also looked upon a "bland" because no one gets to see a relationship develop between them like they did with Tidus and Yuna (FFX), or even Rinoa and Squall (FF8). Then there are those who prefer he’d end up with either Lightning (the character who doesn’t fully respect him as a man in full for her sister until 25+ hours into the game) or Hope (the fourteen year old jailbait who wants/wanted to kill him for most of the game), hell, or even Fang, but that‘s a incredibly rare argument/defense.

Serah, given the circumstances, is an understated character with a seemingly passive personality; she’s a sweetheart, and selfless enough that she’s willing dedicate her life to rebuilding the future so that younger generations can avoid the mess she and her friends got themselves yanked into. However, she’s no pushover if her description of personality and how she’s depicted in both “Episode Zero” and “Episode One” is to be taken into account. Yes, she’s a plot device in the fullest extent of the word, but to say she has no personality or is uninteresting because of it, is a rather quick judgement and more a personal biased than real fact. Like most of the characters in Final Fantasy XIII, Serah’s a “take it or leave it” or “love it or hate it” personality.

In case of her relationship with Snow, it’s about chemistry and how their personalities compliment each other. Both Serah and Snow have a romantic chemistry with each other that couldn’t be achieved with Lightning more or less because of the writer’s stagnant approach to characterization for her and Hope on the mere basis that he’s a kid and its nothing doing (Hope is more likely to save himself for Vanille, who he clearly has a crush on). That and the dynamic between these three characters work more within the confines of “Sister/Surrogate Mother/[lil] Brother”. With the advent of XIII-2, Serah Farron is sure to gain a bunch of new followers because of her recently revealed playability (and her outfit, which from the looks of that blurry image, is sure to be racy in some shape or form), the guy named Noel (I wonder if he likes iMacs) and equally as much reasons to dislike her for whatever. Regardless, welcome to [community profile] crystal_farron, a community dedicated to and for fans of Serah Farron of Final Fantasy XIII. Please enjoy your stay and feel free to contribute whatever material or discussion you have pertaining to the character.

Let Darkness Slip Aside

Official: Serah is Lightning's younger sister and Snow's fiancée. Possessing an inner fortitude beyond her years, she is more than capable of making decisions on her own, whatever her somewhat overprotective sister might think. In fact, Serah spends just as much time worrying about her elder sister's well-being as Lightning does Serah's.

Wikia: Serah Farron (セラ・ファロン Sera Faron) [sɛrə] is a supporting character in Final Fantasy XIII and a playable character in the sequel, Final Fantasy XIII-2. She is the younger sister of Lightning by three years, and is Snow Villiers's fiancée. Lightning accuses Snow of failing to protect Serah and does not initially approve of their relationship. Serah's destiny is one of Final Fantasy XIII's central plot points. She is voiced by Minako Kotobuki in the Japanese version, and by Laura Bailey in the English version.

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