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SO THE LAST of Serah's costumes has come and gone (with the exception of this one, but I suppose it got scrapped or its on hold) and this feels as good a time as any to ask. What was your favorite or least favorite DLC costume for Serah in XIII-2?

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If you consider Tumblr a significance place of gauging fandom reactions to anything about anything, then as of late, you might've noticed a sporadic debate among Serah Farron fans about her alternate costume (numero #3 or #2) available with the purchase of the DLC ("Heads or Tails" or the "Lighting" DLC, one of the two). I've seen plenty who expressed their dislike toward it without falling into the categories that alert the Feminist Arguments, most of them poise the question "Why the fanservice, Square?" alongside side "I just don't like it".

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That said, what are your personal opinions on the Bikini Costume?
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  1. What do you all think of it so far?
  2. How is the story and the character progression/development?
  3. Are the improvements to the gameplay better or worse than XIII

Overall if you want to use this thread to discuss or gush about the game, you can. Spoilers aren't outlawed, but if you feel the need to warn anyone just leave "SPOILER" in the subject bar of the comments.
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Final Fantasy XIII-2 debuts in Japan December 15, 2011. How many of Final Fantasy or XIII fans plan on importing, watching Japanese Walkthroughs when they begin circulating around the web or waiting for Janurary 31st, 2012 to indulge in XIII-2 contents?
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SERAH HAS A BOW to maintain her femininity? What the hell Square Enix? What are you saying about Lightning, Fang and Vanille then? They are men in in disguise, is Lightning truly Cloud Strife and Squall Leonhart in a skirt?

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Came across a rather interesting conversation on Serah's talk page at the Final Fantasy Wikia about what her possible Eidolon might be if she ever becomes a playable character in whatever XIII sequels arise as a direct continuation of the primary game's storyline (XIII-2 looks completely Lightning centric (to my dismay) and I don't see how any of the other characters could appear or work within the confines of what the teaser trailer happens to be implying about the storyline).

As seen below one user believes her Eidolon might be ARK from Final Fantasy XI due to her nickname "Princess" (a name/nickname for the character Garnet/Dagger from said game), one doesn't believe Serah would active engage in combat (more than likely because of her "passive" or opposite nature of her sister) and therefore an Eidolon would be wasted on her character as there's no specific element (that isn't already used) to connect the character with.

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