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SO THE LAST of Serah's costumes has come and gone (with the exception of this one, but I suppose it got scrapped or its on hold) and this feels as good a time as any to ask. What was your favorite or least favorite DLC costume for Serah in XIII-2?

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If you consider Tumblr a significance place of gauging fandom reactions to anything about anything, then as of late, you might've noticed a sporadic debate among Serah Farron fans about her alternate costume (numero #3 or #2) available with the purchase of the DLC ("Heads or Tails" or the "Lighting" DLC, one of the two). I've seen plenty who expressed their dislike toward it without falling into the categories that alert the Feminist Arguments, most of them poise the question "Why the fanservice, Square?" alongside side "I just don't like it".

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That said, what are your personal opinions on the Bikini Costume?
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Square Enix Japan has released on testplayer site seven new (way different looking) artwork pictures of Final Fantasy XIII-2. Normally artwork is CGI based, but this time it is manga styled.

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Square Enix has released a brand new screen for their upcoming multiplatform role-playing game, Final Fantasy XIII-2. The latest image features one of the main protagonists in the role-playing game, Serah Farron, who previously appeared in Final Fantasy XIII. Lightning’s sister is now one of the playable characters in the direct sequel. The new shot is a cinematic scene featuring Serah and her pendant. On the bottom of the screen, the subtitle read “Look, my pendant has a brand new chain.”

In addition to the new image, Square Enix also revealed that they will be releasing more screens and details for their upcoming role-playing game on August 11th. [SOURCE]
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Noel joins the Final Fantasy XIII cast as the main character of Final Fantasy XIII-2. But he won't be the only major new character in the game. In an interview in this week's Famitsu (summed up at Sokuho), art director Isamu Kamikokuryo reveals that there will be other new "main characters" besides Noel.

It's unclear what Kamikokuryo means by "main" characters, as the game's producer and director have said that the story will center on Noel and Serah, the two characters who were playable in the E3 demo. At the very least, it looks like we can expect some additional major additions to the cast. Characters from the original FFXIII will be returning as well, of course. Kamikokuryo said that players will be able to see slightly grown up versions of the past characters, and how they're now living.

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SERAH HAS A BOW to maintain her femininity? What the hell Square Enix? What are you saying about Lightning, Fang and Vanille then? They are men in in disguise, is Lightning truly Cloud Strife and Squall Leonhart in a skirt?



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