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The Japanese branch of Square Enix has released another set of new screens for their multiplatform title, Final Fantasy XIII-2. The latest images showcase the DLC for the role-playing game. You get to see the alternate costume set for the two main characters in the story, Serah Farron and Noel Kreiss. Square Enix also included a few shots showcasing the Omega DLC, which includes a boss battle and adds a new party member (provided you can beat him) to you team.

The Omega DLC will be released in Japan on December 22nd and will be free until January 10th. The two costumes will arrive on January 10th. All three downloadable content costs 300 yen on the Playstation Store and 240 Microsoft Points on the Xbox Live Marketplace. [SOURCE]

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Square Enix plans to release downloadable weapons, costumes, and guest bosses for Final Fantasy XIII-2. Some items, like the Seraphic Wing, are pre-order bonuses. If you’re in Japan, you can get this special weapon for Serah by pre-ordering Final Fantasy XIII-2 from HMV or Lawson convenience stores. The transforming bow/sword (which is actually a moogle!) saps life from enemies each time you damage them.

While Square Enix has not announced the Seraphic Wing for North America, we have a different special weapon – the Genji Bow. [SOURCE]

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Ahead of its release in December in Japan, Square Enix has released another batch of cool looking screenshots for Final Fantasy XIII-2. The Final Fantasy games have always been renowned for having excellent and artistic graphics and it appears Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be no different. Judging from the screenshots, Final Fantasy XIII-2 looks as beautiful as its predecessor. Final Fantasy XIII-2 is due for release January 31st in North America and February 3rd in Europe for the PS3 and Xbox 360. [SOURCE]

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Square-Enix sure do love to tease their Final Fantasy fans. Earlier this month they released some tantalising tidbits about the pre-order bonuses and editions you could receive, and now they’ve gone and released a small selection of new screens for fans to drool over.

Below you can see six new screens, all from in game footage. Two we are assuming come from cutscenes, and then one from a battle (can’t tell if its a player controlled creature or an opponent) and then three screens of the slightly modified Crystarium. It’s interesting to see that there is now a list option of characters to choose, and that creatures are also listed, hinting at possible upgrade trees for them too. Most interestingly of all was the inclusion of a Cait Sith on the list, shame it’s almost nothing to do with the megaphone moggy from Final Fantasy VII. [SOURCE] + [SOURCE #2] + [SOURCE #3]

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The release date for one of the most talked about RPG’s is creeping up on North America and European gamers and Square-Enix has dropped a few new screenshots and artwork to keep us wanting more until the release early next year. The new screens show off Hope and some of his artwork along with the existence of a Casino slot machine mini-game. In RPG’s there can never ever be enough things to do. So seeing this addition is welcome. Check out the rest of the screens below. [SOURCE #1] + [SOURCE 2]



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